Origins and DNA

Design Conception Agency

Over the last 18 years, DCA has produced Points of Sale to set off your products and shape your dreams.

As an independent company founded in 1998 by Sylvain Ferrandon, DCA carries out the design and manufacture of a whole range of products for brands and their Points of Sale.

From its beginnings, DCA has been working successfully with the “Action-Sport” industries, developing POS and commercial furniture for well-known brands in Europe and the United States. Its journey continues with the opening to luxury markets, Jewellery, Spirits; Health and Wellbeing; Optical and Cosmetics. DCA crosses the borders and assists the brands in their point of sale Merchandising and Marketing strategies while adapting its production, storage and logistics network.

Multi-material Agency and proud owner of several POPAÏ and PCD Awards, DCA becomes well-known as a POS marketing agency. The team has gained a solid reputation with advertisers whose main concern is to focus and optimize their sale strategy at the point of purchase without compromising their image and their public.

  • 1998

    DCA PLV Beginnings – Action Sport

  • 2002

    DCA goes

  • 2006

    DCA widens its clientele with
    Luxury goods - Cosmetics

  • 2010

    Gold POPAI Award
    Eco-design category
    PCD Award
    Collector category

  • 2014

    Silver POPAI Award
    Spirits category
    New home
    New life






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