DCA au SIAL, salon de l'innovation alimentaire

SIAL 2016 – Inspire food business

Welcome to SIAL 2016 Inspire food business,

le Salon de l’innovation alimentaire !

It’s happening now, at the Parc des Expositions of Villepinte and it is “buzzing”…

The 8 Halls are welcoming brands and importers from 4 continents. If you are allergic to hypermarkets, stay away: here the ambiance is hyper-mega-giant, with 104 countries, 7000 exhibitors, 156 000 visitors. The whole universe of linear supermarket shelving attempting a more glamorous approach; involving touch, smell and taste… Pop-up kitchens have been set up here and there and hatted chefs are concocting samples of everything. Pleasant and not so pleasant cooking smells emanate throughout the 242200 sq.meters’ space. The frozen food section is cold; the wine and spirits section is… hot.

Everything is in its rightful place, it is after all a professional show, we are here on food business. And the public? professionals, restauranteurs, buyers, industrialists… and me, me, me… So why did DCA jump in at the deep end of the food business, food-processing industry, GMS? Was it its inexhaustible curiosity, its showmanship, interest in stage management, lighting, design and installation?… madness? Probably.

Well, it’s done, after 2 days of walking miles on the yellow carpet, smelling and tasting many samples… dear industrialists and food artisans, we can do much together to ensure you stand out in the crowd.

Some of you understand how much a point of sale enhances the appeal of your BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL creations.

We will stand together in front of a display, a glorifier, a PLV/ POS set-up and experience the irresistible urge to sublimate our products and brands at the point of sale. Contact us to make your dreams a reality. info@dcaplv.com

Dinner’s ready!

SIAL 2016 has finished at the Parc des Expositions of Villepinte. Next shows will be in Jakarta, Toronto, Shanghai… www.sial-network.com